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Welcome prospective tenants to the Minneapolis St Paul area.

Fidler Commercial is Ready to Assist You!

Note: Now is a great time to find your next business home!

  • Lowest leasing rates in years - low payments!
  • More moving incentives - landlords will invest for your future!
  • Excellent selection!

We both have to roll up our sleeves to get the job done and find the right property. The job is more than identifying properties that meets your needs. In fact the process can sometimes take up to year especially with businesses that have equipment and lots of infrastructure to move. As you will see, finding the right property is only the beginning.

Recommended Tenant Leasing Process

Step 1 - Search for Properties

The best method for searching properties is simple and easy. Simply, let us know what type of property, area, price range, etc. you are looking for and we will e-mail current active listings and properties that we know of that meet your requirements. You can then select which properties you want to look at and we will setup the showings. Contact us if you want us to email you a list of available properties that meet your criteria.

Step 2 - Review Tenant Financing

Before we setup showings we need to put together a package for potential landlords that support your ability to lease properties. Typical items include your business plan, current financials, requested improvements to the space etc.

Step 3 - Buyer Representation

Keep in mind our agent will show properties and represent you for any transaction. Typically, in transactions the buyer does not pay the commission. The buyer's agent is compensated by the seller's broker who pays the buyer's agent broker only upon a successful closing.

The agent will explain representation and have buyer representation agreement on hand.

Step 4 - View Properties and Make a Contingent Offer

This is where the fun begins! We'll schedule showings and view properties that meet your criteria. Don't be surprised if you find a property that you like the first time out. Most people find a property, and they make an offer on the first day. In actuality, you have reviewed 100's of properties. You have searched the Internet, view many properties on line, narrowed your criteria list and scheduled to view the best of the best. How can the best property for you not be on your first day of looking?

Once you have selected the best property for you, we then submit an offer. Don't be nervous. We will put contingencies in the offer so if you discover something you do not like we can cancel the purchase agreement. Some of the contingencies are as follows: final approval by others in your company, your inspectors report, your review and accepting documents, etc.

After your offer is accepted, we then work to remove all contingencies. Throughout the process we are there to assist you. We do everything in our power to get you into your dream property as smoothly as possible. Contact us for any questions.

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